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Solution: Electric Robotic Power Tool

  • Saving 80% of repetitive labor time

  • Easy access in tight spaces

  • All forces are self contained in the device

  • Quick and easy Interchangeable head sizes

  • Automatic recognition of Finger Tight position

  • Rechargeable battery, good for full working day

  • Optional connection to power grid

  • Built-in interface for spring / arm balancer

  • Optional interface for barcode scanner

  • QA reports & dashboard

Solution: IIoT Data

eXturn owns the technology, the IIoT collected data and the transmission channels

When it comes to fastening high-pressure piping systems:


we at eXturn do it Exactly Tight



eXturn is an industrial platform to support assembly of high-pressure piping systems. This platform includes an industrial grade Electric Robotic Power Tool and an IIoT apparatus that addresses the needs and pains of this industrial segment.

eXturn’s disruptive device with its integrated IIoT sensors aims to help manufacturers achieve the highest levels of process productivity by streamlining the assembly workflows to allow real-time process control capabilities that boost efficiency, safety and production quality.

eXturn's future R&D plans aim to provide, on one hand, an End-of-Arm-Tool (EOAT) for robotic applications and on the other hand a SaaS platform to support all levels of the value chain, starting at the manufacturers level, through the distribution networks and down to the assembly sites.

eXturn owns the technology, the IIoT collected data and the transmission channels. In fastening high-pressure piping systems, we at eXturn do it Exactly Tight.



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High pressure fitting global market size


Global industrial power tool market by 2024

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Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of US/Israeli company, business development of global markets, multidisciplinary integration of IoT platforms and Big Data, Distribution channels and marketing.


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Founder & CTO

Mechanical Engineer B.Sc. with over 15 years of experience in product engineering, weapons R&D, electro-optics, Automation and Robotic machinery design and Technical Operations management.


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Experienced Technological leader & mentor, leading R&D processes


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Co-Founder @theDOCK bringing together corporates, entrepreneurs and investors




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